Report Card Overview

The Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth is an evidence-informed communications and advocacy piece that provides a comprehensive assessment of Canada’s “state of the nation” each year on how, as a country, we are being responsible in providing physical activity opportunities for children and youth.

Each year, the Report Card communicates a “cover story” reflective of emerging research and trends with respect to physical activity for children and youth. The 2013 Report Card focuses on the issue of “active transportation”. Previous cover stories have included: active play, screen time, early years, and after-school. View Archived Report Cards.

How The Report Card Can Be Used

We strive to arm influential individuals and organizations with the most up-to-date evidence and information in order to support and advocate for physical activity for Canadian children and youth. Here are some ways you can use the Report Card:

If you are: You can:
Government use it to inform your briefing notes, policy development and investment strategies.
a provincial or municipal organization use it as a tool to inform your planning, research, grant writing and capacity building among the communities you serve.
a teacher, coach, public health promoter, recreation professional or community development leader use it to help develop your programs and communications for children and youth, parents and community members.
a researcher share it with students and use it to inform your own research grants and initiatives.
a funder use it as a tool to help shape the next funding cycle.

The Report Card results are communicated through a number of materials including: 

  • Short Form which highlights the cover story and key findings
  • Long Form which includes a comprehensive set of references and a variety of specific recommendations
  • Communications tools are available to support dissemination of the Report Card findings in presentations, social media, on websites and in newsletters.

We sincerely appreciate the generous support from our Funders and Supporting Partners.